Looking for CrossFit in Leicester?
CrossFit LE3 is the premier CrossFit facility in Leicester and Leicestershire.

Join CrossFit LE3

So you have decided that you would like to become a member of CrossFit LE3? That's great news and we are really pleased to have you on board. If you have previous CrossFit experience, get in touch and we can get you started straight away.


If you are new to CrossFit, before you sign up as a fully-fledged member, we would like to invite you to join us for a free trial session so that you can see what we are all about.

Membership Options

Unlimited package

3 x sessions per week

2 x sessions per week

1 x individual session

£70 per month

£60 per month

£50 per month
£10 per session*
£75 course fee

* All participants must have completed our Fundamentals course, or an
equivalent course at another CrossFit affiliate

Once you've been for your free trial session, the next step is to book onto our Fundamentals course. CrossFit comprises of many different exercises & movement patterns, some simple & others more complex. Fundamentals is our introductory training course designed to educate you on the core principles of CrossFit and enable you to attend your first class with the confidence and the knowledge to be successful.

Our Fundamentals course will be delivered in small groups over two sessions by our Head Coach JD Hylton, in a fun, friendly and relaxed environment, ensuring that you receive the personal attention and coaching that you may need, and that you gain a good understanding of what CrossFit is about. Please note that “Fundamentals” is the required first step for all athletes wishing to join our main class programme. Our course costs £75 and includes your first months unlimted membership.