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CrossFit LE3 Member Focus: David Beale

The next installment of our CrossFit LE3 member focus features Mr David Beale. David is a keen Triathlete and runner, recently completing the Swaledale Mountain Marathon.


FInd out more about David below:

What motivates you?: -  The sense of community at LE3 is a massive motivator for me; from the first session I did when "everyone" in the room made the effort to say hello and make me feel welcome and every session since when I realise, with those great people around me, working hard; that I work so much harder than I ever would on my own. I'd describe the feeling as 'tribal' it's addictive and I love it.


Other than that, I get excited about learning new stuff; I'm finding the Olympic lifting bits a great challenge; I love the strength sessions and really value the guidance and feedback from the coaches.

Who is your biggest CrossFit inspiration?: I don't really follow the elite/celebrity crossfitters, so it has to be people I've met at LE3 and I'm inspired by most of them. I look to people that can move really well; speed under the bar, and feel inspired to practice the drills and do the mobility work so that - one day - I can hold my own alongside them. 


What are you working on achieving? I'd like to be proficient in all of the barbell stuff and recognise it's going to be a long - but fun - journey to get there. Being able to knock out a decent handstand-walk by the work Christmas party is my top priority though wink emoticon


What CrossFit tip do you wish you'd known before you started? - I think I learnt this pretty quickly, but the idea of checking your ego at the door and taking a bit of weight off the bar to make sure form isn't suffering was a big one for me. I have yet to find the tip about how not to the rip skin off my hands - anyone want to share that one!?


My one piece of advice for someone new to CrossFit would be:- Trust in the coaches, and trust in the quote on the white board that if you fall in love with the process the results will come!


Tell us something that we might not know about you?: - Can't think of anything - I'm an open book :-)


And finally... describe CrossFit LE3 in three words:  Community; joyful-silliness; inspirational 


Anything else to add?:-  Thank you all for your efforts in running LE3, I can't imagine life without it.